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NEWJHL Update: 3-Team race looms

Meghan Kraus Northern Cyclones

Meghan Kraus
Northern Cyclones

With just about six weeks left in the regular season, the race for first place in the NEWJHL looks to be among three teams: the Northern Cyclones, the East Coast Wizards and the New Jersey Rockets.

The Cyclones are in first place with an 18-1-1 record through 20 games. The Wizards stand second at 15-4-1, while the Rockets, with a game in hand, are at 13-4-2/

The league will have its last Showcase this coming Saturday (January 9th) hosted by the Cyclones. Each team will play two league games. The schedule is as follows:

8:30 am   Cyclones vs. Walpole Express

10:20am   Boston Bandits vs. East Coast Wizards

12:10pm   New Jersey Rockets vs. Walpole Express

2:30pm    Hartford Jr. Wolfpack vs. Boston Bandits

4:20pm   New Jersey Rockets vs. East Coast Wizards

6:20 pm  Cyclones vs. Hartford Jr. Wolfpack

Katie MacCuaig Northern Cyclones

Katie MacCuaig
Northern Cyclones

The Northern Cyclones boast three of the league’s top six scorers to date with Meghan Kraus (25 pts), Katie MacCuaig (25 pts) and Emily Kubichek (17 pts), Hannah Kiraly (16 pts), Jade Meier (14 pts) and defenseman Maddie Truax (12 pts) have figured prominently into the attack.  Goalies Jill Moffatt and Kayla Rios each have nine wins.

Rachel Peacock East Coast Wizards

Rachel Peacock
East Coast Wizards

East Coast Wizards forward Rachel Peacock stands third in the NEWJHL scoring race with 21 pts, just ahead of teammate Morgan Griffin (17 pts). Allie Damren (15 pts) and Ashlie Jones (12 pts) have chipped in as well. The Wizards get two more regular season cracks at the Cyclones, on January 17th and January 30th.

Kailey Jacobs Walpole Express

Kailey Jacobs
Walpole Express

The Rockets enter the showcase on a four-game winning streak. One of their showcase games is against the team just ahead of them in the standings, the Wizards. On the weekend of January 23-24, the Rockets will face the Wizards two more times at the Edge Sports Center. Alexa Parigi leads the attack with 13 points, while Brianna Haviland has registered six goals in just eight games.

Amanda Giles Boston Bandits

Amanda Giles
Boston Bandits

Solidly entrenched in fourth place are the Walpole Express. They have been getting offensive production from Kailey Jacobs (10 pts), Julie Nagel (9 pts) and Meg Gilbride (7 pts).

Amanda Giles and Kiki Doucette have been top offensive performers for the Boston Bandits, who recently saw Julia Dares commit to Salem State.

The Hartford Jr. Wolfpack is still looking for its first win of the season. Julie Petrillo leads the team in scoring thus far.

Gary Demopoulos
Gary Demopoulos has been covering prep school hockey for the HNIB News for over 30 years, and has been the editor of the HNIB News since 2005. A former sportswriter and news editor at the Woburn (MA) Daily Times Chronicle, he has been the HNIB News' key reporter for Mens Prep School hockey since 1988, as well as womens hockey, both at the prep school and high school levels. for almost 20 years. Gary also helps organize and oversee HNIB's many summer tournaments and festivals for scholastic players.
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