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New Academic Building Will Add To Impressive Cardigan Mountain School Campus

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Cardigan Mountain School, one of the premier junior boarding schools in the nation, will be adding to its already impressive campus, expecting to break ground in May on a new academic building, tentatively called the Center for Exploration.

The new building, expected to be ready for the 2020-2021 academic year, will house academic areas for hands-on experiential learning, areas like the Cardigan Gates Lab, woodshop and digital and visual arts. The increased academic space will also benefit the traditional components of the curriculum.

Cardigan Mountain School has an enrollment of 225 boys in Grades 6-9.

“This is a very exciting and timely project for the school,” says Cardigan Admissions Director Chip Audett. “It will not only provide much-needed and improved facilities for the visual arts but will also house the Williams Woodshop, Gates Invention and Innovation Workshop, as well as additional flexible spaces for experential learning, design and experimentation, and collaboration.”

Founded in 1945, Cardigan Mountain School is located in Canaan, New Hampshire, The school specializes in the education of middle school boys in 6th-9th grade. Many of its graduates go on to further their education at New England Prep schools.

Cardigan currently has an enrollment of 225 students, 205 of which board at the school. The student body is made up of boys from 25 different states and 19 foreign countries and features 78 faculty members.

This new building project comes on the heels of a few other recently-completed jobs that have enhanced the campus. Cardigan Commons, a new dining hall and student center, was built in 2013, while a new dormitory – McCusker Hall – was completed in 2014.

The almost-fully residential program lends itself extremely well to a holistic “whole-boy” approach to the academic, social/emotional and physical growth and development of each boy, according to Audett. “Through a rigorous pre-college prep curriculum that is both challenging and and supportive. Cardigan students are well prepared to academic success at the secondary school level,” Audett added. “Equally important, our boys develop the maturity, sense of self, self-confidence and interpersonal skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

A unique part of Cardigan’s curriclum is a program called PEAKS, which stands for Personalized Education for the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills. It is an integral part of each student’s academic curriculum.

Year in and year out Cardigan Mountain School features a top junior prep hockey team.

“Through PEAKS classes as well as small group and individual work, students learn to read closely, write clearly and think critically while also developing crucial executive functioning (organization, time management, study skills etc) and life skills (public speaking, interpersonal communication, self-advocacy, etc.,” Audett said.

While offering a comprehensive athletics program, Cardigan Mountain School is also well-known for its hockey, as it fields one of the top middle school prep teams year in and year out. The coach of the varsity program since 2013 is Patrick Turcotte.

The team plays its home games on campus in Turner Arena. Athletes at Cardigan also benefit from the use of the Johnson-Wakely Fitness Center, a year-round state-of-the-art fitness/weight room.

The school also boasts the “Captains Council,” where captains of all teams meet to discuss and learn leadership.

For more information on the Cardigan Mountain School please visit www.cardigan.org

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Gary Demopoulos has been covering prep school hockey for the HNIB News for over 30 years, and has been the editor of the HNIB News since 2005. A former sportswriter and news editor at the Woburn (MA) Daily Times Chronicle, he has been the HNIB News' key reporter for Mens Prep School hockey since 1988, as well as womens hockey, both at the prep school and high school levels. for almost 20 years. Gary also helps organize and oversee HNIB's many summer tournaments and festivals for scholastic players.
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