NE Girls Prep Tournaments On Tap This Weekend

HNIB Staff
HNIB Staff
In 1972, two lifetime high school hockey fans started a weekly broadcast of Greater Boston high school games on WBOS-FM (92.9). The duo - Lance LoFaro and Darby Yaeger - called the nightly broadcasts "Hockey Night in Boston". As of late, HNIBnews - over 40 years running - has kept the scholastic hockey world on its feet with its widely-read website In addition to HNIBnews, Hockey Night in Boston runs, and also hosts summer tournaments showcasing the talents of scholastic hockey.

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When the dust clears this weekend, early season supremacy in the New England girls prep world should be a bit clearer, as all the top teams are in action at various holiday tournaments throughout the region.

Several of the ranked clubs in Division I will be at the Harrington Invitational, held December 20-22 at both Nobles and Milton Academy. In addition to #1 Nobles (6-0-0), the field also includes pre-season #3 Westminster (2-2-0), #6 Williston (1-0-1) and #10 BB&N (3-0-1), in addition to Pomfret, Lawrence Academy and St. Mark’s. It gets underway this Friday.


Friday, December 20th at Nobles

8:30am St. Mark’s vs. Nobles

10:30am Lawrence Academy vs. Pomfret

12:30pm Milton Academy vs. Westminster

2:30pm Williston vs. BB&N

4:30pm Pomfret vs. Nobles

6:30pm Lawrence vs. St. Mark’s

Saturday, December 21st at Milton

8:30am  Williston vs. Milton

10:30am BB&N vs. Westminster

12:30pm Pomfret vs. St. Mark’s

2:30pm Nobles vs. Lawrence Acad.

4:30pm BB&N vs. Milton

6:30pm Westminster vs. Williston

Sunday, December 22nd at Nobles

Four playoff games starting at 8:00am


The Patsy Odden Tournament at Taft School kicks off on Thursday with an impressive eight-team field that includes pre-season #4 Choate (2-0-1), #5 Tabor (3-1-0), #7 Loomis Chaffee (2-2-0) and #9 Hotchkiss (2-1-0). Participating teams also includes Lawrenceville, impressive Kent, and Phillips Andover.


Thursday, December 19th at Taft

8:00am Taft vs Kent

8:30am  Tabor vs. Phillips Andover

9:45am  Choate vs Lawrenceville

10:15am  Loomis Chaffee vs. Hotchkiss

1:45pm  Phillips Andover vs. Taft

2:15pm Hotchkiss vs. Choate

3:30pm  Kent vs Tabor

4:00pm Loomis Chaffee vs. Lawrenceville

Friday, December 20th at Taft

8:00am   Choate vs Loomis Chaffee

8:30am  Taft vs Tabor

9:45am  Hotchkiss vs Lawrenceville

10:15am  Kents vs Phillips Andover

1:30pm Third/Fourth place game

1:30pm Championship game


Also kicking off this Thursday will be the Watkins Tournament hosted by Cushing Academy, which will include a visit from Midwest power Culver Academy.


Thursday, December 19th at Cushing

2:30pm   Cushing vs. Winchendon

4:20pm  Brewster Academy vs. New Hampton

6:10pm  Northwood vs. Culver Academy

8:00pm  Islanders vs. Berkshire

Friday, December 20th at Cushing

8:00am  New Hampton vs. Northwood

9:50am  Culver vs. Brewster Academy

11:40am  Cushing vs. Berkshire

1:30pm  Winchendon vs. Islanders

3:20pm  New Hampton vs. Culver Academy

5:10pm  Brewster Acad. vs. Northwood

7:00pm  Cushing vs. Islanders

8:50pm  Berkshire vs. Winchendon

Saturday, December 21st at Cushing

Four playoff games starting at 8am


Several top Division II Girls Prep team will be in attendance at the Southfield Tournament, including pre-season #1 Gunnery (1-1-0), #4 Millbrook (3-0-1), #5 Southfield (2-1-1), #6 Middlesex (1-2-0) and #8 Rivers (1-0-0).


Friday, December 20th at Southfield School

12:00pm  Kimball Union vs. Millbrook

2:00pm  Southfield vs. Groton

4:00pm Kingswood vs. Rivers

6:00pm Middlesex vs. Gunnery

Saturday, December 21st at Southfield School

8:00am Millbrook vs Rivers

8:00am Middlesex vs. Kingswood

10:00am Southfield vs. Gunnery

10:00am Groton vs. Kimball Union

12:30pm Millbrook vs. Middlesex

2:30pm  Kingswood vs. Groton

4:30pm Gunnery vs. Rivers

6:30pm Southfield vs. Kimball Union











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