2016 Groton School/Lawrence Academy Holiday Tournament

Gary Demopoulos
Gary Demopouloshttp://www.hnibnews.com
Gary Demopoulos has been covering prep school hockey for the HNIB News for over 30 years, and has been the editor of the HNIB News since 2005. A former sportswriter and news editor at the Woburn (MA) Daily Times Chronicle, he has been the HNIB News' key reporter for Mens Prep School hockey since 1988, as well as womens hockey, both at the prep school and high school levels. for almost 20 years. Gary also helps organize and oversee HNIB's many summer tournaments and festivals for scholastic players.

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Here are the pairings for the 2016 Groton/Lawrence Holiday Hockey Tournament


Thursday, December 15
4:00pmProctor vs. GrotonGroton - O'Brien Rink
5:00pmCulver Academy vs. HoldernessGroton - Pratt Rink
6:00pmPomfret vs. DexterGroton - O'Brien Rink
7:00pmCushing vs. Lawrence Acad.Lawrence Academy
Friday, December 16
9:00amDexter vs ProctorLawrence Academy
11:00amHolderness vs. Lawrence Acad.Lawrence Academy
11:30amCushing vs. Culver AcademyGroton - Pratt Rink
12:30pmPomfret vs. GrotonGroton - O'Brien Rink
5:00pmCulver Academy vs. Lawrence Acad.Lawrence Academy
5:30pmHolderness vs. CushingGroton -Pratt Rink
6:30pmDexter vs. GrotonGroton - O'Brien Rink
7:00pmProctor vs. PomfretLawrence Academy
Saturday, December 17
9:00am7th Place GameLawrence Academy
9:30am5th Place GameGroton - O'Brien Rink
10:00am3rd Place GameGroton - Pratt Rink
11:30amChampionship GameGroton - O'Brien Rink
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